New career

So I’m a single mom struggling to pay bills and have a decent life and I thought what’s my passion???

Exercising and I standing my body is like a car if you don’t give it fuel it won’t work properly the computer system gets messed up your organs don’t work properly you’re tired moody irritable and don’t want to go out as everything you go is food haunting you.

I’ve had lots of ups and downs with my body image called image dismorphia I see fat others see skinny why can’t I just see what they see if only there was a quick fix this is all part of depression so get your brain sorted then actually understand why you are eating the different types of food and what your body actually uses it for.

I have had 2 babies and because I eat healthily and exercise even during my pregnancies it made them easier on my body and my mind made the labour easier and quicker and easy to get back into shape and into my skinny jeans straight away.

I am embarking on a new career as I work part time and Cara now in pew school I have some time to concentrate on what I want and to develop a career to help people who are battling health issues to become healthy and happy I also want my kids to be proud of their mommy the most important reason and to be able to support them financially so this is the start I just need to get my bod into the best shape of its life.

So join me and I will along the way share my health tips some great exercises and meal plans.

I am also signed up for a #yoga course so will share that with you too.

Best start to day hot water with lemon 🍋 great detoxes helps to clear toxins and loose weight drink during the day cold too just a slice of lemon that’s all it takes

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