New year begins with a new you

The new year is always hard with so much pressure to set your health goals and stick to them. Set realistic goals and don’t diet they don’t work. If you want to transform Your health and how you look and feel you need to develop healthy habits not only for your own health and well-being but also to pass unto your children. There is a high percentage of people now with diabetes, cancer, heart disease and obesity so it is very important to get your whole family into a healthy way of eating.

It is really important to first of all keep a food diary to see what you are actually eating and when. As there are lots of things that can impact putting on weight and leading to health issues.

My top tips for a healthy diet

Eat 6 small meals a day

Keep your portions small your stomach is the size of your fist

Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day

Try and do a detox day eating just veg to cleanse your gut

Keep your 3 snacks a day under 100 cals

Almonds 12 per snack

Eat a protein breakfast at least twice a week

Try to make your own sauces and dressings

Cut out processed sugars and meals

Try drinking green tea everyday after breakfast

This is one of my favs and cheap

Eat your carbs at lunch & protein in the evening to prevent late night snacking

Use a protein powder at night to help build muscle and burn fat when you sleep I recommend isagenix *

This is an amazing product I take it after a workout to build lean muscle. Order through me for massive discounts and opportunity to make money by sharing with others.

Add cinnamon to meals as it speeds up the metabolism

Make sure you eat greens everyday to get your iron count

Do up a meal and make large portions you can freeze or use for lunches during the week

Try to eat lean meats like chicken and turkey

Try to have meat free days half of the week

Cut out fizzy drinks and alcohol try to not drink during the week but don’t binge at the weekend

Your diet is 80% of how you look while exercise is only 20% so sort out your diet first. Then do at least 30 mins exercise everyday. So a walk is gentle but works the whole body, HIT for fat burning, resistance and weights for toning and burning fat.

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