New Years false start

We all have New Years resolutions and the same as the rest of you I have succumbed to the temptations of the kids left overs, left over kids chocolates from Xmas and the rest. Made a gingerbread house with the kids but then it had to be demolished and eaten, I know so sad.

So what have I done that’s positive? Well I have started to drag myself out of bed in the mornings to do my workouts, it’s so hard especially with the cold but it is good for a routine and really good for that mood lift in the morning.

Bought scales haven’t weighed myself in years and did discover I’ve put on a few so not me. Got these scales #salter from #argos as it doesn’t just calculate your weight but your water and fat levels so much better as we panic as our weight goes up, don’t forget when you start to exercise you will build muscle and it weighs more so you will put on weight at the start. It usually take 6 weeks after exercising before you will start to loose weight.

Muscle is good the more you build the more calories you will burn.

I have managed to finally do splits on both sides and back at my class #aerial #aerialsilks #aerialhoop #pole #polefitness #flyawayaerialstudio learnt some new moves but need to work on my flexibility and handstands.

So diet wise how can I help???

Still needing to snack or Have a nut allergy I have been obsessed with #pumpkinseeds for years apparently good for fertility have been covering my food in them for years. Out of the packet not very tasty.

Really hard work to eat but if you toast them on the pan until they pop they are #addictive #snacks #healthysnacks they are also great to add to cereal and salads to give it that little crunch.

My breakfast is always green tea and water with lemon through the day instead of tea and coffee but usually have a least one a day. Breakfast great to start the day with some fruit but I find fresh fruit goes off so quickly now so I buy frozen berries available in all supermarket you can have them frozen with some nuts, pumpkin seeds, chai seeds, sprinkling of walnuts and some myself then yogurt fav is #alprovanilla #yogurts or you can put the fruit and nuts, seeds etc on the pan and heat up yummy with muesli like a fruit crumble with some yummy yogurt over the top it’s like a dessert for breakfast.

Well that’s it for today tomorrow I will show you some yummy but healthy snacks to replace your #chocolateaddiction

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