Nutrition and cleansing

since I started this nutrition and cleansing programme I have never felt so good. At the start I found it difficult but how you feel afterwards is amazing.

The programme im following allows you to have the detox and nutritional tonixs in the morning, then during the day you can have some of their snacks and chocolates to keep your sugar levels up bit also keep your metabolism burning to keep building the lean muscle.

So not only do you get to eat these amAzing salted caramel chocolates which FYI I could t live without I eat one of these at night with a hot protein drink and I am ready for bed and cravings curbed with these chocs stops me from binging and staying up late.

i have an amazing nights sleep waking before my alarm feeling refreshed and Full of energy to tackles all of the days drama.

Why cleanse?

So if you are cleansing you can still eat just clean food that has not preservatives or additives so here are some examples of top detoxing food to stick to on cleanse days and to invite in yourself daily diet. This is why you should cleanse, not just to give your guy a rest but to eradicate all of these toxins being out into our bodies from drugs used on animals and our crops as well as the plastic our food is coming in this is one of the biggest reasons that packaged convenience food is so bad for you. There are so many diseases have been made by these toxins we have created.

I was shocked myself as I’ve always eaten healthily, but now seeing this I realise what I am putting into my body and we have a huge issue with plastic.

So I will pledge to reduce the amount of plastic is use to wrap my food, I also will be reducing the amount of food I buy in packaging and also the amount of animal products I’m eating. I am very much into plant based products and am loving all of the plant based snacks and so are the kids.

I have also been doing lots of yummy recipes for vegan meals and I feel amazing with all of the amazing products and food I am putting into my body.

You can also have snacks as well which you can also use to swap out bad snacks on your diet. Just don’t forget about your blood sugar level they will dip if you’re not having any sugar in this case you need to make sure you have some fruit in yourself cleanse day to keep your sugar levels up like grapefruit, pineapple 🍍 or apples 🍏

So if you want to cleanse you can do it with a scientifically backed programme which is the safe way to do it and I would recommend due to the importance of keeping tour sugar levels and metabolism up. I started doing one day cleanses but now am doing 2 the results are amazing I lose 3 lbs every time but only 1 will remain off so that you don’t lose muscle just fat.

If you are a binger this programme offers amazing salted caramel chocs which have stopped my late night cravings for good. Ideally you shouldn’t eat after 8pm but if you can’t as you’ve missed a meal or done a heavy workout these are the best options

Also walnuts are a good choice as they have magnesium in them which promotes good sleep and cherry juice has melatonin in them but they also have fat burning and metabolic properties to help burn abdominal fat while you sleep.

Give it a go the effects afterwards leave you feeling like a new person and knocks years off your energy levels leaving you feel more than 10 years younger


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