Nuts about nut butter & balls

Do I love my food yes I do

I love nuts love the omega3 which is amazing for your mental health why I have nuts and seeds on nearly everything I eat

So this nut butter was different as I added a bit of oil and coconut oil to the usual mix

Have a go at making your own you can add different flavours so you can use

Vanilla extract

Almond extract

Salted caramel extract which I added to this one

Maple syrup




Whatever your flavour is add it with an extract or sauce

The protein balls are so yum yum

There are lots of ways to make these I used dates as the main base and also oats then you add in nuts or peanut butter or coconut oil

You can then add nuts, seeds, syrups etc to whatever flavour you like they are a great source of omega3 and protein so great for the whole family so this batch made 15 and the great thing is you can store in the freezer and will satisfy those sweet cravings you have too

For more yummy recipes go to if you would like a nutritional plan go to

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