Oh sweet sugar leave me alone

Anyone addicted to sugar??????

I think we all are and why????!

Basically the processed sugar, butter and icing sugar and processed chocolates are all full of additives that’s are addictive. When we eat these types of foods we get a fast burst of energy from the fats but unless we use up this energy we are left feeling tired and therefore crave more of this. Then we feel fat and guilty and become depressed and eat more anyone else felt like this and done this????? I know you all have.

So how do you stop this addiction. Cold turkey I’m afraid. I did and I thought I would collapse after one day and binge out but I didn’t.

What’s did I do? I replaced the processed sugars with natural sugars, making treats with protein powder, nut butters, oats and dried and fresh fruit. These will give you the sugar you need for energy but are also slow release so you will not get a sudden high and then feeling of fatigue and it will stabilise your sugars. It will also fill you up leaving you feeling satisfied and not wanting to eat more.

Why is sugar so bad for me?

Well for one it will make you fat unless you do lots of exercise, this fat will mess with your energy, levels, you could end up with diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease is the fat builds up in your arteries, Harmon also problems, your teeth will fall out and I have heard so many stories about kids having to get their baby teeth pulled out because they are rotten and fought because of the sweets, chocolates and fizzy drinks they consume.

So whose fault is it? Parents?????

Yes it is as we are the ones that are giving them the sweets. Do we really know the damage to our kids and our own bodies or are we ignoring this. Do parents know the long term damage they are doing to their kids by letting them eat this type of stuff on a daily basis. Sugar should not be their main source of energy and kids will fight with you to eat healthily however there are treats you can make that have natural sugars that will give them the sugar they need that are healthy and will actually contribute to their health rather than damage them and make them susceptible to long term chronic illnesses.

It is so easy I made some cookies for the kids just mashed a banana add some oats then raisins or cocoa or fruit to flavour them cooked in oven for 15 mins Delish it’s that easy and not expensive either.

So it’s up to the parents to lead by example and to learn about nutrition if you don’t want to end up with chronic disease and relying on tablets and living in hospitals. Personally I want to enjoy my life and be fit and healthy and have the same for my kids.

This is why I became a nutritionalist to learn more about our food and what our bodies need and don’t need and to make delicious healthy food for me and my kids.

Through purpose enterprises NI we will be dealing with some of these problems. Health and nutrition and it’s impact on mental health as well as stress, money issues, unemployment and suicide. To learn more check the social enterprise on social media we are putting our plans in place to tackle mental health at the root and not just accepting that medication is the only way as we have learnt it isn’t. There are so many services and therapies that are more effective in the long terms with no side effects apart from health and good mental health.

So make a change today ditch the processed sugars for good.

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