Overnight power oats and chai seeds

Feed your body the right stuff and watch it become leaner and stronger

As usual my meal contains leftovers

So I used half of my protein porridge and added some chai seeds for overnight oats and seeds

Topped with some maple syrup

Almonds and cashews

Dried peas

Sunflower, pumpkin and flax seeds

I decided to scoop

It out and add some Greek yogurt then topped with a few more seeds and a drizzle of maple Syrup

Devilishly delicious and nourishing and filling

Packed with so many nutrients, minerals, vitamins and protein everything I need to keep me going to lunch

Happy Saturday

Overindulge only the good stuff this weekend

For nutritional plans got to Moodfit.co.uk or go to my blog moodycowmum.com for more recipes

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