Pineapple and mango smoothie pink bowl

So glad to have such a nutritious breakfast everyday sets me up for the day

My yummy whey protein shakes mixed with berry powder and some mango and pineapple

Topped with pumpkin and sunflower seeds, toasted almonds, pineapple and mango, chai seeds and some oats

Second day back on my shakes and tonics and my concentration and productivity has been amazing got so much done yesterday which I have been struggling to do for ages

Head starting to clear again and energy on the up

This is why I invest in my health as I want to feel alive, be able to do things, go out, have fun, not worry about things, be productive and much forwardf with my goals

I invest in my health rather than invest in toxic food that makes me feel like crap both physically and mentally

Think about what you put into your body and how much money you spend on making yourself feel sick and tired and fat and think about all the tablets you take for headaches and other ailments

Would it not be better to sort out your nutrition as every tablet you put into your body is going to contribute to long term chronic disease as is the convenience food packed with fat, sugars and god knows what else

Think about how you feel everyday and decide if you want to change how you feel I never want to feel like that again

Pm me for more info or just put info in comments below 👇XX

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