Plank challenge

Trying to do a workout and there is either a cat, a dog or a child on top of me adds to resistance though so all good

Planks are a great exercise so simple but works the whole body

Challenge 1

My challenge to you try to hold a plank for 1 minute everyday squeeze everything in right your glutes your thighs and your core will take all the strain you will feel you body shake

Then try for 20 secs then 10 sec break and do this 5 times

Do this for a week and let me know if you look or feel any different

My lunch slightly boring just a strawberry shake with apple and topped with berry powder and some pistachios

Usually have the pistachios with a beer sitting on the balcony of a beautiful hotel with the sun beaming on my face but will just have to do with it on top of my shakes looking out at the Northern Ireland rain instead

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