Professional photo shoot not 不

So I did an amazing photo shoot yesterday with an amazing photographer

Me 不不不不不不不不不不

Location my hall

Seriously I know such a poser for someone who hates themselves for years

Hates my wrinkles and my saggin skin

Am I single?????????

Hell yeah色. why???????? Because I choose to be. I dont need no man to validate me. Neither do any of you girls out there hold out for the right one dont settle, put yourself first and take no shot.

But you know what fuck it I dont care anymore, my photos are always untouched o have wrinkles I am getting older but doesnt matter whatbage you are you can look beautiful

Look after your insides and your outsides will reward you

I am a single mum so yeah messed up sleep always on the go and always knackered

Thats why I look after myself with exercise and good nutrition and a wardrobe I spent years filling well theres maybe 4

Anyway I love my clothes all high street of course love #tedbaker my go in sales only of course, skirt #riverisland and jacket #topshop but dont be rushing to the shops to buy these they are years old, buy keys pieces and they can be worn forever good quality means they last so invest in key pieces

My tan was all thanks to #lussotan local company thank you Lynsey I applied this yesterday afternoon clothes straight on and looked fab liked id been on hols for 2 weeks

Body by me book online for one on one or group sessions

Nutrition, mental, emotional and harmonal balances by #isagenix and workouts powered by eshots and amped hydrate also by #isagenix

Want more info on any of these products or my personal training or nutritional services checkout my website or my blog for relish recipes for your protein powders and more

What are shakes to me? Healthy drinks, buns, snacks, smoothie bowls you can literallly add to anything so not boring and not restrictive o have the most varied diet of my life

The only service Im not promoting is my photography sorry maybe in the future 不

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