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Monday morning motivation

What’s the best way to start the day why with a shake of course

I was never into protein shakes even though I’ve always exercised and was never into building muscles but on my quest for the best health and weight management I now take a protein shake and have added protein snacks to my diet as well as weightlifting.

If you want a lean body and not to put on weight building lean muscle on your body will not only make you look leaner as muscle is smaller than fat but it will also speed up your metabolism and help you burn calories much quicker for weight maintenance

My choice of protein products are from

Isagenix as their products have the best ingredients, quality assured, free from artificial colours, preservatives and sweeteners.

The shake I had this morning is a meal replacement with the perfect balance of 24g undenatured whey protein, essential carbohydrates, fats, minerals and 8g fibre under 240 calories and will contribute to growth of muscle mass

People also think protein shakes are for bodybuilders but no these shakes are amZing for your health giving you a very easy way to get all of your vitamins in through a tasty shakes rather than a mixture of vitamin tablets whose quality and content is so poor to actually make any difference. The shakes are formulated by scientists and dieticians to give you optimum health and performance in whatever you do throughout the day whether it’s a workout, looking after kids or working an office job these are a perfect solution in a business world packed with unhealthy convenience food.

These shakes are packed with







Vit B6 B3 B2 B1

Vit A B C D E

Folic acid


What price do you put on your health? Take the stress and hassle out of your diet by adding these amazing products that will fuel your body preventing fatigue, craving sugar, storing fat and will give you not only physical energy but also mental energy.

If you would like more info on the shakes or any of the other products just pm me or comment info below

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