Protein bars are yum

Lunch and recovery

Isalean bag a bit like a rice crispie bar packed with 18g whey protein

Yum yum yum 😋

When should you take protein? I was always told after a workout 🏋️‍♀️ but now I know you need it before and after.

Also protein should not be restricted to just your meal in the evening you should have protein throughout the day in your breakfast either a protein smoothie or eggs

Lunch could be grains, chickpeas, fish

Tea could be chicken

Snacks there are lots of pea protein snacks out there I love or rice cakes, fruit, nuts and yogurt

All amazing sources of protein

Make sure whatever age you are you are getting your protein in throughout the day.

Muscle mass is in all of us but if we don’t feed it and make then work through exercise they will waste away and our bodies will become weak.

The muscles are the support system for out entire body and our organs are muscles too so your not just feeding your biceps or quads your feeding your heart and other vital organs that will keep you fit and healthy and help prevent disease developing.


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