Protein oat pancakes

Sunday morning breakfast

My favourite meal of the day as always and a dessert for breakfast is a must

So we had delicious protein oat pancakes

Makes approx 8 pancakes or you can double up and make some waffles for the next day using a mould and cook in the oven

1/2 cup plain flour

1/2 cup oats blended in a mixer

1 egg

2 scoops of vanilla protein powder

1 cup of milk you can use soy, almond or ordinary milk

Mix the cook on a pan

I add some chai seeds into one of mine for some extra nutrition

Then toppings

Maple syrup 🍁


Coconut 🥥

Peanut 🥜 butter

Sunflower 🌻 seeds

Pumpkin 🎃 seeds


Banana 🍌 chips


Coconut low fat Greek yogurt

Make breakfast the best meal of the day and if you can’t be bothered then about making a big portion you can keep in fridge and make some waffles with your mixture for the next days breakfast or for the kids lunches etc

If you want more of my delicious recipes go to my blog or buy a nutritional plan from

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