Saturday breakfast

Something a little different no shake this morning will have for lunch

Everyday is different just depends on what I fancy

Today I fancied some homemade museli with banana, vanilla yogurt and peanut butter

Added a little cinnamon

3 dates and 6 almonds

Homemade museli has oats, flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, chai seeds and cinnamon

Lots of FATs 🙈😱🙈😱🙈😱🙈😱🙈😥🙈

Yeah I know used to be so scared 😱 or fat before but I now eat good fats found in my nuts and seeds and peanut butter

All packed with your omega3 fats essential of your mood and harmony balancing and lots of others check it out

#breakfast #health #goodfats #food #lovefoos #foodlover #nutrition

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