Snacks on the go

So there’s day where you are busy and you forget to eat or not even hungry

This is me a single mum looking after her kids while working from home and often i forget about myself

Although I feel like I’m always eating

So when I’m feeling lazy but need something nutritious

I grab a few veggies and some hummus packed with protein boil a few eggs and you have a protein and micro rich lunch

My advice is always have some boiled eggs in fridge and some

carrots 🥕

broccoli 🥦



Chopped up in your fridge add some tomatoes as well I actually don’t really like them in a salad too messy so I eat them as a snack instead

So when you get a craving instead of grabbing a bag of crisps or some chocolate or biscuits or sweets have something that is nutritious that going to fill you up and not feed that sugar craving

Fill up on nutritious snacks not ones packed with sugar and fat that leaves you feeling exhausted and wanting more

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