Snowmood like Christmas mood

I love Christmas I love the snow the nostalgia but hate the cold and the anxiety the weather brings, will I get to work, will I get the kids to school and get them home again?

I love the snow went a bit mad must have given me lots of endorphins as this is what I did.

some fun in the snow ❄️ some cool shots for my social media not in bad shape but need a lot more work. The #trampoline is a really good workout and when cold and half dressed your body has to work harder and burns more calories.

Couldnt resist Had to do a #snowangel

It was freezing but definitely woke up my #metabolism. To finish the fun we well I built a snowman or snowoman I think it looks like. Good workout, was having so much fun I forgot what time it was true #mindfulness the key have fun like a kid don’t worry about what you look like or what other people think be #confident and have #fun be #carefree like a child.

so proud of my snowoman we got some nice pics as well don’t need to get a fake snow pic when we have #realsnow

#keytohapliness #letgo #havefun #beatdepression #exercise the body #stimulates the brain 🧠 #aware #mindfulness

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