Spring in your step

Finally spring is on its way I got out for a run sun shining vit D lots of endorphins from the sun and exercise.

Need to build my fitness back up back to hoop and pole learnt a few new moves and lots of new bruises.

Have managed to get the kids out to the park twice lots of exercise and fresh air for us all.

Called into #Hillsborough park

Car was in the driving seat taking her friends out for the day.

Went out for lunch to a hidden gem #sleepyhollow a mix of contemporary dining mixed with tradition. Very quaint homely gem with a traditional meat heavy menu but the miniature #desserts and the #waitress who served us made it amazing especially for the kids very welcome and homely.

#cremebrulli is now my fav dessert

Full up after all this so had a healthy #veg and #cheese dip snacks

#busy weekend #Single mom

Kids finished for Easter but forgot to make an #easter bonnet for Cara’s nursery so half an hour before we had to leave had to pull this together

About to leave then had a thought does she need to wear her uniform checked note no so quick outfit change before running out the door 10 mins late but hey I got them both to school and nursery and made an Easter bonnet so not a complete failure I managed to bring it all together in the end how do I do it same as the rest of the mums out there at the last minute, by the skin of my teach and now and again I’m late or forget a non uniform day or to make something, sign a note, sign the homework, iron their uniform, pack their bag the night before, give them for the works book day, swimming, disco, break the rules day the list goes on, no wonder we forget something now and again, how do we do it because we’re #moms and are kids will always come first and we will all do our best. We’re not perfect, you may not believe that, the immaculate ones who seem to always get it right and have it all isn’t always the case, we can put our face on to go out and appear the perfect mom but we all have things going on in our lives, ups and downs so don’t judge anyone or have preconceptions about people but how they look or act. We all have our masks we put on everyday to ensure our kids get to where they are supposed to and live a happy and full life. Being a parent is never easy and we all do the best we can none of us our perfect it’s what makes us who we are and the world so diverse.

#single moms #dads #moms and #grandparents raising kids you’re amazing and doing a brilliant job just look at what you’re doing and those amazing little beings who amaze us everyday and a cuddle a kiss and make all our worries slip away for that second our worlds would be so empty and boring without them #kidsareamazing

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