Stocking up

I’ve done my second shop with my £50 budget well I did go £20 over but I needed a bottle of gin.

tea was a bit of a rush so had a pot of couscous 49p with rocket in fridge and left over sweet potato chips and some houmous meal for £1.75 and delicious also had sweet potato chips and chicken Parmesan salad at the vestry in Belfast amazing place could have stayed all day and cheap lunch and amazing company

well I did my first big shop for my new diet so although £100 I have most of the stock I need to keep me going for a few months I’m hoping to cut my bill down to £50 a month I know the meat out your bill up as I used to be a vegetarian so groceries used to be really cheap although I’ve 2 kids now.

so I’m ready for my Ella recipes I’ve got my spiralised pumpkin and courgette sorry too lazy to try my spiraliser but will  next time if I like. I don’t eat much meat but would eat fish chicken and turkey and you can get turkey sausages and bacon and I would use it in bolognese, lasagne, to make burgers and meatballs great source of protein and the leanest of meats. I’ve got lots of green rocket I love kale and spinach all good for iron some lentils and beans nuts and seeds good for mornings and for nut butter or using sesame seeds instead of breadcrumbs to cover things, you can grind nuts buckwheat quinoa polenta basically any bean or grain to make flour. I have my tomatoes for vit c and oranges. I love bananas God carb gives you energy and fills you up some mango to liven up salads lemon for dressings, berries which are low in fat and good for energy and blueberries are actually supposed to help break down fat for energy, nuts are also great for snacks and Ella has a lovely spiced but recipe I have to try out, flat breads which are only 100xal per slice and yummy with falafel and salad humours one of our face with carrot sticks and as a dressing or dip some high fibre   bran great for filling you up and helps with digestion and is less expensive than a colonic erigation great with bananas and some almond or coconut milk or even as a coating or as a snack some buckwheat flour for baking and maple syrup for my natural sweetener and coconut oil for cooking and I love yogurts good for the guy which is very important for our moods and the running of our whole body I love approach coconut yogurt and the activia vanilla yogurts are delicious and really low in fat I eat in mornin with fruit and cereal or as a dessert if you love ice cream try soft froZen ice cream a lot healthier. The chai seeds are for cooking or a coating or for making delicious desserts.

so now I have the ingredients and the Iove. I had better make a few things.


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