Sugar overload

So how’s the diet going???

Well I made all of these, obviously I had to sample along the way and then I had to try them all so now I feel sick.

I really overdid it after getting myself up all week to workout I let myself with a sugar feast.

February will be sugar free only natural sugars will pass these lips needs to get into the best shape of my life and stop eating crap am I human yes I have the same struggles as the rest of the normal people with social events etc feeling tired just want sugar and carbs worst thing to do of course as it just makes us more tired.

So tomorrow a run, no more artificial sugars bread once a week and alcohol only at weekends sorry can’t go dry completely.

This is how I used to do it and just need to stick to this and I’ll get back in shape.

Stick to this and the weight will drop off

Lots of water add lemon hot or cold

Some fruit

Low carbs if you can’t do without do whole meal grains and rice, quinoa, beans and chickpeas all slow release and sugar free oats

Meat try to stick with lean meats chicken, turkey and fish all low in fat high in protein and good oils

Veg lots of greens broccoli cabbage beans carrots ginger garlic tomatoes kale spinach onions can actually burn more calories eating these avacadoes but don’t overdo as you need to limit the good fats as well

Snacks unsalted nuts approx 12 is 100 calories fruit #energy balls dates crackers #naked bars #low sugar natural or Greek yogurt the best I love #activia

Dressings and sauces use lemon juice mixed with a bit of olive oil and Tahiti and salt if you have

Sauces if using cream swap with natural yogurt for creamy pastas risotto in citrus etc cuts Cala in seconds

#Eggs yes these are great #avacodes with #poached egg #omelettes all good protein sources

Breads best are #flatbreads one can have as little as 200 cals and Delish also only eat wholemeal never white

Alcohol lowest cal is gin and tonic it’s the cocktails with lots of fruit juice and sweeteners and beers are the worst for building the fat up

Exercise walking is best works whole body #yoga or #pilates really good for strengthening and stretching you don’t need the gym a waste of money you can do DVDs best I’ve tried that are fast at losing the pounds and toning up is #insanity and #t25 from they really get you in shape fast and very fit in back on it again really motivates you and makes you feel good too. You can go outside #run, #walk, #cycle or do enjoyable classes #ballet for adults #ajendance #aerobics not just for kids #wallclimbing #aerialaerobics #flyawayaerial studio where you can do #aerialhoop #aerialsilks and #pole great for strengthening, stretching and #buildingconfidence we’re all different shapes and siZes but all beautiful.

Only you can do this get a good routine getting up in the morning to exercise has been best for me sets me up for day and helps control my appetite during the day and not give into treats.

Early nights, meal planning, getting the whole family on board with meals and exercise it’s great for the whole #family and is easier to maintain.

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