Sunday morning treat

Sunday morning treat not brunch for a change woken up at 8:20am on a Sunday morning 2 cats and a 5 years old

So love having this breakfast usually have for special occasions but have discovered life is too short to save things for special occasions so today I’m having a special breakfast because I fancied it

Some whole grain toast topped with

Half an avocado

Smoked salmon

Roasted tomatoes 3 scrambled eggs

Sunflower and pumpkin seeds

Drizzle of red pesto

So for those who love their bacon but don’t like salmon try grilling some smoked salmon taste like bacon has the crunch but with good fats and flavours

And guess why my kids love it I’ve converted them to healthy fats essential for the brain and attention my kids def need help with the whole attention thing

So like I’ve said before food is amazing just swap bad foods for good it’s that simple and cut down your portions

Happy Sunday everyone the sun is out here as I eat my brekkie feel like I’m on holiday this is the way life should be everyday and not just once in a year

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