Sunshine breakfast

Sunday morning, the sun is shining having a healthy & nutritious breakfast. Can life get any better. Never thought I’d say this but I am loving life.

So my lovely nutritious drink is the ionic supreme with some lemon 🍋 juice and some pineapple 🍍 juice. #cocktailinthesun

I have my vanilla shake this morning and added #mullerlight coconut with a hint of vanilla omg love this yogurt and a little maple syrup.

so so so yum and to finish it off some raspberries and blueberries frozen if course covered in that yummy yogurt, such a yummy brekkie, feel like I’m on hols.

Definitely deserve this after my #sip&Sample Party last night. Thanks to all who turned up we had a fab night.

I will share my fab recipes def have to add these into my weekly meal plan and the relish #chocbrownies #cookiesoughballs and #chocicecream you missed out big time but don’t worry I will share my up and coming sip&samples party dates for all those fab mummies and any daddies who want to join us over the summer.

The best thing about the night was def the entertainment #jess&cara

So everyone start the day the right way with a delicious and nutritious breakfast and head to the beach that’s what I’m gonna do anyway.

#helensbay #bangor

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