Tabata HIIT

In preparation for my first class tonight 6-7pm Dromore Masonic Hall

I did my HIIT Circuit workout

20 minutes Tabata workout

This is 40 secs on with 20 minute rest for ultimate fat burning

Exhaust the muscles then make them work

Following by 30 mins of circuits

Resistance bands and ropes



Core workout

Then 10 mins of stretching

If you’re not exhausted after that you can stay for my Boxercise class 7-8pm Tonight which includes

20 mins of warm up exercises

10 mins skill

20 mins boxing

10 mins stretching

If you want the ultimate in fat burning and building lean muscle then sign up now at

Book a 6 week session £36 and try my other class out for FREE tonight to see which one you prefer

I also offer nutritional advice, nutritional Plans and workout plans

Have an amazing Monday everyone pop in and see me later ❤️

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