Transform your diet with food swapping

Transformation Tuesday

Like OMG saw this on Pinterest and I was like I need some of this and you know what it has vegetables, fruit and nuts no processed sugars no dairy I’m definitely making this.

This is how you lose weight not with fad diets but filling your body with the right foods. There are so many alternatives to the high fat bad ones, high sugar desserts and high carb that leave us feeling tired, fat, bloated and wanting more because of the sugars and addictive see have become addicted so why not try doing a few food swaps bad for good.

Bad full fat ice cream for healthy vegan ice cream which will not only help you lose weight but fill your body full of nutrients ticking off about 3 of your 5 a day in a treat.

No more diets please just think about what your putting into your body why do you fill your body full of bad stuff that is actually going to in the long term make you ill would you do that to your car???? No you fill it with the best fuel so why not give your body and mind the right fuel to work to its full capacity rather than eating junk food and popping pills.

Make one change today to change your life, your future and your children’s


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