Saturday morning motivation

Up at 8:30am

Glass of water

Ionix supreme nutritional tonic

Workout done

20 mins of Tabata hiit

Kettlebells squats

Barbell squats

Core exercises

Glute barbell lifts

Followed by a yummy breakfast

Made Last night

Overnight chai and oat berry pot

At the bottom put in strawberry 🍓 Greek yogurt

Then some frozen blackberries we picked off the hedges

Then some chai and oats mixed with the strawberry yogurt

Topped with toasted almonds

Chai seeds

Dollop of peanut butter


Yum yum yum 😋

You gotta try this it’s amazingly delicious, filling and nutritious this is def staying in my diet as a regular breakfast

For recipes go to Moodycowmum or for a personalised nutritional plan go to Moodfit.co.uk

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