Upping the workouts

So you know I love to workout, why I hear you say. Well my love of exercise began when I was in high school I had low self esteem no confidence and didn’t like how I looked all my friends were skinny and could eat what they wanted. So yes I developed an eating disorder but discovered I could eat but use exercise to control my weight.

So my obsession with running began. My friends never understood why I ran or went to the gym. Well when you have an eating disorder you suffer from depression so what is one of the best ways to help depression exercise of course. It makes you feel amazing as you release endorphins as you exercise the feel good hormones, you lose weight and have this amazing energy afterwards.

I did the Belfast marathon last year in aid of #awareni the charity for depression as they helped me through one of the toughest times in my life, it was mentally hard for me but I did it all 26 miles, would I do it again maybe the London or New York marathon.

I also did a 110 miles cycle on my second day on a road bike and with about a months training on a mountain bike, as I was a single mom I didn’t get to do the training I should have to prepare for these events but as i keep myself fit at home it was easy enough.

I then started doing weight training, resistance training during the summer to build lean muscle but I have missed my cardio so have started to run and do hit again as I have put on a few pounds and want to get my fitness back. I don’t want to be #skinny I want to be #strong and #healthy I have made a lot of mistakes with my weight that have caused me a lot of health issues as I got older.

I then wanted to do something different so I decided to give pole, aerial silk and hoop classes once a week at #flyawayaerialstudio in Lisburn. I was so scared wearing skimpy shorts, everything on show to everyone in a room of mirrors. Nightmare yes so I thought but then there were women there of every shape and size and it didn’t bother me as much and it helped to boost my confidence and not be so worried about what my body looks like.

A lot of people see this as something seedy but they are actually a sport now and until you try them you don’t realise the flexibility and strength you need very similar to gymnastics and I think the woman who do these classes are amazing. The moves can be very scary as your holding onto a pole with merely skin holding you up while you’re upside down but it makes me feel amazing and my kids thing what I do is amazing. They are so proud of me which spurs me on.

So if you want help to get in shape, improve your diet, have fun and boost your confidence then just visit my website Moodfit.co.uk or my Facebook page to have a chat about your goals, I can then tailor your exercise and nutrition plan to your lifestyle and do some personal training online or in person.

Everyone deserves to be the best version of yourself, strong and healthy

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