Valentines meal ideas to raise your temperature

So valentines is all about the one you love not all of us have that someone to spend time with so if that’s you the. It’s about self love a new concept to me. After years of hating myself and punishing myself I am ready to love every part of my body and mind. So if you’re on your own make your fav meal and fav movie do some home spa treatments read some self help books and make yourself open and ready for that perfect someone. You need to be in the right place in your life to meet the right person for you love yourself first and love will fins you.

For those lucky enough to have found the one to spend valentines with I’ll help you with some delicious meals that will raise your temps at meal time.

So we all have know about chocolate but not the dairy bars real chocolate with high cocoa content so try swapping the fat and sugar choc bars for dark chocolate it’s actually good for you it has antioxidant properties and produces serotonin and raises your libido.

So I have created a few recipes you can try out tomorrow.

Valentines Breakfast

Make sure you book your morning off work for this one.

High protein egg and banana pancakes

2 eggs

1 banana

1 tsp cinnamon

1 tbsp cocoa if you want choc ones

Whisk up

Then add to the pan

Then serve with natural Greek yogurt, blueberries, sprinkle some cinnamon and honey or maple syrup and pumpkin seeds

Serve with grape juice as this will give your partner some energy

Turmeric latte helps with depression

Eggs and cocoa both help produce serotonin the good mood hormone, cocoa for your libido, cinnamon is good for your fertility as are the pumpkin seeds, bananas will give you energy.

Smoked salmon and eggs 🍳

Grill the salmon

Mushrooms fill with pumpkin seeds and Parmesan cheese and pesto and grill

Grill some tomatoes

For the eggs use 4 for 2 people

Whisk add a tbsp milk, pinch of salt and some Parmesan. Stir occasionally and take off heat just before it is completely cooked

Serve on a wholemeal toaster or bagel

Again as above and the salmon is packed with omega 3 and Vit B12 which produces serotonin to help you relax and wholegrains will give you stamina.

Then your romantic 3 course meal could be

To start figs and Camembert cheese or Brie melted in oven and sprinkled with honey, cinnamon and pumpkin seeds

Main course

Choose a meat so if a steak do not chargrill it is actually harmful to eat over cooked beef it actually produces toxins so learn from the French

Chicken, turkey, Tuna or salmon are all good choices

Serve with tomatoes, green peas, avocado, green beans, broccoli, potatoes all great for energy and serotonin production.

Another option would be a curry

Chicken, turkey, soya bean, chickpea or salmon curry.

Turmeric is great for depression, add some

Cayenne for detoxing and add some pumpkin seeds great for your fertility of you need a little help in that direction then add some cinnamon in as well.

Dessert my fav part

So you can have a yummy cake with no processed sugar which at the end of the day makes is fat and tired and you don’t want that on Valentines night.

Avocado choc cake 🍰

250g quinoa soak for 15 mins then drain or overnight

450ml water

175g dates

1tsp vanilla extract

1 tsp baking powder

2 tbsp chai seeds and pumpkin seeds

4 tbsp cocoa powder

Pinch salt

2-4 tbsp maple syrup

2 tbsp Maca powder £4.85 from Amazon

Mix in a bowl then add to 2 cake tins linked with baking paper then cook for 35-40mins 180 degrees


2 avocados 🥑

4-6 tbsps of maple syrup

2 tbsp coconut oil £4.49 from


4 tbsp cocoa powder £4.85 from Amazon

Then afterwards you could have some little chocs

Love these they are amazing or you can just do some melted dark choc with some peanuts, pumpkin seeds and cinnamon yum and simple to make and lots of good ingredients for

Stamina and mood

We can all see that food plays a major part of our mood and that is why I did a nutritional course so I could create a diet that was high in all the right foods and ingredients to give me optimum nutrition, mental clarity and lots of energy. here you can sign up for a nutritional plan personalised to your lifestyle, workout plan to meet your goals all for £40 plus a FREE PT season in person or online. for gifts for Mothers Day coming up next month

So what will I be doing this valentines

Some self love


Amazing breakfast


Mindfulness meditation

Bubble bath with Epsom salts



Watch my fav movie probably a romance I’m

A sucker for them especially the romantic comedies

Maybe a wee glass of wine or might even treat myself to some bubbly

A lovely card from my kids

Make others practice self love and not be lonely

This is what I would do but my kids are taking me out for valentines dinner this year a 2 for 1 and then I’m going to meet some new people who like me have been looking for their purpose in life and we have gotten together to create #purposeenterprises a vision to help different types of mental illness and get to the route of it and provide solutions through help with jobs, health, nutrition, alternative remedies, therapies, counsellors, meditation, love, how to be sustainable financially and in regards to the planet our home.

So busy times but my girls always come first everything I do for them is love 💕

Valentine gift ideas

Flowers are always good but have something really personal

Make a gift

Picture on a frame of a special time

Make her fav meal

Take her for a picnic, boat ride something she’s always wanted to do

Spa day for both is always good

Writing them a letter or a poem

Doing something adventurous they have always wanted to do

A special book they’ve always wanted

Something they’ve always dreamed of that special bag or shoes

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