Veggie shake

Omg I am so full

Whoever says our shakes aren’t filling god I’m busting

I did add kale, spinach, chai seeds, blueberries, Maca, sunflower and pumpkin seeds

I think I’m going to turn into super girl with all this super food in my body

Can you be too healthy?????

I just packed all of these ingredients into me through my shake as well

4mg zinc

54mcg iodine

80g magnesium

3mg iron

8mcg selenium

200mg calcium

70mcg folate

24g protein

180mcg Vit A

6g polyunsaturated fats

8g fibre


So why are these shakes amazing?

See above all these ingredients are amazing for bone health, eyes, hair, skin, heart health, inflammation, stabilising harmonies, lean strong muscles, low body fat, lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, stabilising hormones so for fertility and menopause, gut problems, helping towards cancer prevention due to the cleansing properties of the system and ingredients.

These products do not claim to cure any ailments but the ingredients, the quality and quantity will change your insides and your outside.

They make you feel amazing, I know you don’t believe me, I don’t care

But if you do want to feel amazing then give me a shout and give them a try you have absolutely nothing to lose there is a 30 day back guarantee and it doesn’t cost any extra money as you are replacing meals your grocery bill will reduce by half if not more believe me I have 2 kids and am spending less on my groceries than I was when I wasn’t on these systems.

So don’t use money as an excuse not to look after your health, if you actually sat down and added up what you spend in a month on food from coffees, nights out, treats, alcohol, cigarettes, take aways, unhealthy convenience packed lunches and microwave and high fat food and snacks from the supermarket. I think you would be shocked and you know what you’re slowly killing yourself.

Don’t wait until the doctor tells you, you need to change your lifestyle do it now and prevent going through the pain and heartache of having to deal with an illness and a lifetime on medication you have no idea what is in it or the long term effects.

So go on take action now pm me and I’ll tell you how you can change your health and wealth from Today

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