Very green lean tea

What is your big diet problem???

Mine is night time I nibble on things think I need something else to eat but guess what I don’t

The key to overcoming this

1. Is self control my house is full of chocolate and so easy to give in

2. Fill up on green veg packed with fibre and protein in the evening

3. Drink lots of water with your meal

4. Use a smaller bowl and take smaller fork fulls psychologically your mind will think it’s full

5. Try not to ate any later than 7pm and then give you body 10-12 hours to cleanse itself

My yummy tea was very green and very filling and vegan no I’m not vegan but love vegan and often only have meat a few days a week my yummy tea had #kale my new superfood # avocado #broccoli #chickpeas one of my fav foods

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