What workout works for you?

The best workouts are the ones that you enjoy. I like to do a variety of workouts, some I do in my gym weights, HIIT, resistance and kettlebells.

Then I also like to do some classes which are fun, I get to socialise and also get a great workout while learning new skills.

I also love to get outside and exercise doing things like running or cycling once a week is great cardio and also great for your mental health getting outside in the fresh air. There are also lots of great running and cycling clubs you can join if you’re not brave enough to do on your own.

Something else I’ve started is boxing training for a charity boxing event. I’ve always wanted to try this with the intention of possibly doing a course to teach it and I have to say I love it. It’s great exercise and great to overcome confidence issues with body contact.

Try and do a combination of exercises that are going to help burn fat, build lean muscle, great for your mental health, get outside at least once a week and make sure you enjoy it. If you do a variety of different exercises you will work all of your muscles including smaller muscles that often don’t get exercised and this will help make you leaner than ever. And don’t forget about your nutrition, this is 80% of how you will get you results.

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