Yummy Saturday healthy pizza treat 🍕

Saturday is always a night when we like to splurge but it doesn’t have to be unhealthy or high in fat.

I made at the kids request sweet potato crust pizza so healthy worth slow release carbs this will fill you up and is tasty and doesn’t make you want too eat the whole thing and fill up on salad as well.

I love to make my slaw I used kale spinach and rocket, grated cheese and carrots, grated red cabbage, brocolli, pumpkin seeds and nuts so almonds, pistachio or cashews for the dressing I use olive oil, salt, lemon juice and a bit of natural Greek yogurt. I also make my own sweet potato chips with a pinch of salt and a splash of olive oil for 40 mins up high.

This is the recipe for my pizza base you too with tomato purée and a bit of passata then add your topping so I love cheese I love cheddar, Parmesan, Parmesan and goats cheese on it I also love mushrooms on it and occasionally pineapple when cooked I throw some rocket and sliced 🥑 so nutritious with lots of omega 3.

If you can’t be super healthy then try swapping your crust filled and thick crust for the thin crust, cut down the size of your pizza or cut down the number of slices you eat fill up on water not fizzy drinks and some nutritious salad.

Saturday night snacks make your own popcorn sprinkle a bit of salt, some spices nuts and seed or some lentil or quinoa crisps healthy plant protein and very light.

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