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10 ways to lose weight

8 July 2019

These are my tips that have helped me lose weight and stay in shape.
1. Drink 8 glasses of water a day2. Get 8 hours sleep a night 3. Do 30 mins exercise everyday4. Swap your bad fats for good fats5. Try vegan healthy treats with good fats6. Cut down your portions7. Do up a meal plan and grocery list 8. Prepare meals at weekend and freeze portions9. Try nuts and pea protein snacks if you’re a snack we 10. Avoid alcohol during the week and don’t binge drink at the weekend.
Everything in moderation.

How to Train for Your Mud Run 

9 July  2019 

1.try to get out for a run at least 3 times a week 2. At least 2 days a week do some weights and stretching3. Always stretch before and after a run4. Always have some form Of protein before and after your runs 5. Try to do some sprints during your run taking a 30 sec break in between 6. Make sure you bring an energy drink to keep you going 7. Try and do your training with a friend8. Make sure you eat 3 good meals and 3 snacks everyday 9. Make sure to time your runs to see what progress your are doing10. Create your own obstacle course at home 

10 superfoods you need in your diet 

3 July  2019

These foods will help build up your immune system fight toxins and fill your body with unbelievable goodness.
1. Blueberries2. Hemp seeds3. Chai seeds4. Walnuts 5. Dates 6. Kale 7. Tomatoes8. Salmon9. Dark choc10. Avacadoes 


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